To help members increase their business through an on line referral network. where "you scratch my back and I will scratch yours" takes on an entirely new meaning! 100% on line with no obligatory meetings ever.


 Our philosophy is that those who understand that in giving we receive and that ultimately the most economical way to grow your business is through a referral network. Yet we all do not have the time and resources to meet weekly.

Being a member of this network increase your sales team by 20 to 50 fold every day

OurBlok provides a sophisticated structured on line platform for giving and receiving referrals. Through a password protected web site members can easily and quickly refer prescreened professionals in a variety of industries. The web site provides you with the ability to meet other professionals who have already agreed to refer you in return for your referrals.

Track Our Success

When a member refers another through the site a " ticket" is created and individual parties are notified via email. Once the business is closed a notification is sent to all parties. We will track our success monthly and quarterly on the tote board on the sight.

Network rewards

Network rewards is a one of a kind rewards program where you personally benefit from business you have referred even if the job performed was for another person. Each business decides the amount of the reward based on their own profit margins. As an example lets say you refer a friend or co worker to a frame shop. Alva Graphics a referral partner receives and completes a $1000.00 frame job. you earn a $50.00 credit towards a future frame job.In essence the more you refer the more credits you earn!

What Type of Businesses Prosper

Any business that can grow by referrals and any business owner who has an opportunity to refer others qualifies. Members must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the group and remain in good graces with the organizations.

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