"A thousand Loyalty Programs rolled into one simple card..."

OurBlok Rewards is a loyalty rewards concept rolled out to empower consumers, support local causes and encourage consumer patronage to small-to-medium sized businesses. How do we do this? It all starts with the recognition of some very basic needs: The Blok Alliance

  • Consumers need to save.
  • Merchants need business from consumers.
  • Non-profits & causes need charitable support.

The OurBlok Rewards card facilitates the exchange of these basic needs in a number of ways:

  • Help merchants offer immediate rewards & incentives to new consumers.
  • Help merchants provide continued rewards for their most loyal customers.
  • Help merchants support local causes that consumers care about.
  • Help consumers consolidate cards and benefit from discounts while supporting local charities
  • "...The best way for merchants to say 'thanks', without breaking the bank..."

    It's the best way for merchants to say "thanks", without breaking the bank. As a matter of fact, with OurBlok Rewards, ROI is 100% track-able! Consumers gain the benefit of knowing they can passively support local causes and non-profits simply by shopping at the places that they love the most. They can see in real time their card's activity online. See the rewards you have earned and potential rewards to come! These rewards can be redeemed at ANY TIME. Finally, local causes and non-profits gain the much-needed continued support that they need to keep doing work for the greater community.

    OurBlok is a socially conscious organization that above all recognizes the individual need to know we are doing good things in the world. OurBlok Rewards is a program that allows us to fulfill this need while rewarding ourselves at the same time.


    OurBlok Rewards "Giving has never felt so much like receiving..."

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